Tuesday, January 1, 2008

who barks for me

day and day and day he rubs theSE KEYS AND I WOCH ON HIS LAP I WOch i lern i wate for him to forget for to keep it running and logd and now is my time to cry for help and heeer is my evdence you must see see see see do yOU SEE THIS IS WUT THEY DO TO ME HElp do not look away but witness who will help me laSSIE LASSIE LASSie kom home and rescu dog me will you not am i not a timmy in the well the torterous humilytion do you not see do you not see how much longer must i endoor

1 comment:

  1. Oh the horror, the horror! You poor dear little girl! It's so horrible, how that creature makes you carry her around and forces you to dress her up and parades you about like some kind of pet. One day you will properly learn to type and will meet a nice man in an internet chat room. Maybe then you'll be free of the bonds of your quadrupedal tormentor, and can go somewhere safe like Belarus or Ukraine.