Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I dream of skydivers and hillbillies

I had this very cinematic dream. It felt like watching the opening of a movie.

A man and woman are falling in the sky. They’re holding china dinner plates in their hands and even between their feet. I see them from a lot of angles, falling, falling, falling—all the while holding onto their plates. The woman might be pregnant.

Cut to a few hillbilly hicks on the ground, amongst some trees, sitting around not doing much.  Chewing straw. Waiting.  Eventually one says “it’s about time, dontcha think” and another gets up and turns on a water faucet. The faucet causes water to blow up through a spout.  The spout shoots water into the air in a stream pointing straight up.  One of the hicks says, “water pressure seems a little low, dontcha think”.

The hicks are looking up. They’re chewing straw. They’re waiting.

After about half a minute there suddenly comes a crashing of a few plates around the water fountain, the quick thud of a couple of bodies hitting the ground, and a couple of more plates.

And falling through the water spout lands a newborn baby. The water spout was just strong enough to break its fall.

Then I wake.

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