Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Unmasked Avenger


  • This is the first time I've ever made a comic. It's harder than I expected, mostly because I didn't know how much work went into cutting down the amount of text (probably didn't get the right). The tool I used for putting it together was StoryboardThat, which was delightfully easy to use.
  • The 41 daily lives saved comes from seat belt deaths /day is from many sources, such as Seat Belts Save Lives. Some sources give lower numbers, but the exact number isn't important for a comic, is it? 
  • The 300 daily lives saved by masks comes from The Case for Universal Cloth Mask Adoption... and my own quick estimates based on current death and mas-wearing rates. So 300 isn't a precise number. Should it be 200? or 400? the point is that it's currently a high number compared to seat belt lives saved.
Text: The Unmasked Avenger
Wearing seat belts saves about 41 American lives every day ... and that life my seat belt saves is my own life.
OK. It's a little uncomfortable, but I'll wear a seat belt.
Wearing masks saves about 300 American lives every day ... and that life my mask saves is probably not my own life, but the life of someone around me.
I'm wearing a mask to protect someone else?
HELL NO, I won't wear a mask! Freedom from Tyranny!!!!

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