Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad, from your extended family.

My dad, Ray Noorda, would have been 83 today. His co-workers put together this short video tribute soon after he died last October. My favorite part: "...a little bit on what's been said about 2.1 ... it puts us on the road to 2.2."

Dad was commonly known as "The Father of Network Computing", which makes me "The Brother of Network Computing". Many of his fellow 12,000 employees, along with thousands of CNEs, VARs, and others in "the channel" called him "Uncle Ray", which makes all of them "The Cousins of Network Computing". It's a big extended family--I don't know exactly how big--at least 20,000 usually show up at The Family Reunion of Network Computing. I'm in charge of potato salad this year, 625 gallons of it. I hope everyone likes the kind with lots of mayonnaise and a little celery, onion, and mustard, because that's the way I make it.

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  1. Very touching.

    I is afeared that the link doesn't quite work and might need some refreshments.