Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On never dining alone

Over the past 35 years there has been a major shift in most parts of the world, where we now have more people dying from obesity-related diseases than from hunger.

Over the same period, the cost of soylent green has dropped three-fold while the product itself has become much more succulent.


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  1. well you qualified it cleverly, but otherwise this lead is misleading. starvation /slash/malnutrition's still the world's killer, since euopean imperialism rules.

    I stopped buying into the NPR bullshittr so long ago, now I see the MAtricks.

    If you'd only think, I know you do know: Malnutrition remains the #1 ingredient to even the terrible local plagues- that day-in day-out plague in America of annoying , 100-point-IQ retards dogging everything good in our 200-IQ world.

    Dont even try to tell me there's no shortage of KoolAid for America.