Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clinton talk behind closed doors

"We’ve got to keep going Bill. I’m almost there. Almost there. Almost there."

"Hillary, honey, don’t you think this has gone on long enough."

"Just a little longer Bill. We’re almost there."

"Hillary, darling, maybe it’s time to accept that it’s just not going to happen for you this time."

"Oh no, Bill, you are not going to give up on me. It’s my turn. You’ve had yours, Bill. Did I not do everything for you when it was your turn?"

"Yes you did, honey. But, really, dear, this has been going on so long. I’m tired."

"Tit for tat, Bill, that’s what you always told me, tit for tat. Don’t you understand: It’s. My. Turn."

"Hillary, just because it happened for me..."

"Twice, Bill! It happened for you twice!"

"...yes, twice..."

"Twice! Thanks in no small part to my hard work. I went around the world for you and more."

"And I thank you for that, Hil, I reeeeally do. But just because it happened for me, twice, doesn’t mean it has to happen for you. At least not this time."

"What, Bill, you want me to quit? Quit now, when we’ve worked so hard, and it’s my turn, and I’m so close?"

"You’ve been saying that for a long time now, Hillary."

"I know. I’m sorry. You’re right; it’s not going to happen for me. It was so easy for you, but I’m a failure, I’m, I’m… oh, now I’m crying. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault."

"Don’t cry, Hillary. Don’t blame yourself. Blame me. Blame me for losing my election."

"What was that, Bill? Did you hear what you just said? You said 'losing my election.'"

"No I didn't. You must have mis-heard."

"Honestly, Bill, that’s what you said: 'losing my election'."

"Oh, that’s funny. Ha ha. I must have elections on the brain. I meant 'sorry for losing my erection.' It was a slip of the tongue."

"A slip of the tongue is not such a bad idea right now, Bill, if you know what I mean… and I think you do. A little tongue action will get me that orgasm we’ve been working all night for. Yes, slip your tongue right in there, yeah big guy, yeah, oh, yes, oh, yes, oh yes, I’m going all the way this time, oh, oh, oh..."

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  1. ZOMFG
    Hillary dear looks just like my Berkeley therapist Amanda Elders here... except 'Manda's like, relaxed.. not for sale.... and I usually dont see her reelin' of sex immediately after she just blew her big daddy. But otherwise..

    oszmghdz? sez yer CAPTCHAS. Must be you got the expensive ones. I think we should collaborate on a set of those. but more euphonious, maybe like psuedo-Italian ones. somewhere, someone needs to buy, rite?