Thursday, June 5, 2014

In praise of Andrew Kortina

Today we at BNB honor Andrew Kortina.

We praise Andrew not for his role in creating a successful mobile payment app, Venmo (although that is kinda cool), but for understanding the value of college.

The reason a lot of people think they go to college is so they'll earn more money after college. But Kortina was pretty sure he'd be doing computer software after college [and we all know you don't need college to learn to write software] and so, as he writes in a recent essay:
...I developed a hypothesis that I would maximize the value of tuition costs by studying the least practical subjects possible, the things I would not get to do after graduation ... like reading and discussing great books with a group of incredibly smart students and professor...
Having started out as a computer science major, he ended up majoring in Philosphy and Creative Writing.

So here's to you, Andrew Kortina. May you inspire others to go to college not for a higher salary, but for a higher education.

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