Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to earn over $20 a year as a work-from-home blogger.

Are you wondering how to earn money as a professional blogger?

Since beginning my professional blogging career three years ago, I have earned $63.63 through ads on my blogspot page. That’s over $20 a year. Working from home!

These are my tips for blogging your way to $20 a year.
  • Write infrequently - I average about 2 posts per month. In all of 2009 I posted only 9 times.
  • Be inconsistent about your subject matter - Do not stick to any one topic for your blog. One month write about politics, weeks later about your dog, months later about time machines. Once you write about some topic never revisit that topic (lest people start to think you’re an expert).
  • Use inconsistent voices - Sometimes tell the truth. Sometimes lie. Sometimes try to be funny. Sometimes try to be serious. Sound smart. Sound stupid. Use the voice of one person. Use the voice of a corporation. Remember, we can all have multiple personalities if we apply enough self-abuse.
  • Do not link to other bloggers - Adding links just takes effort and makes those bloggers aware of you as competition for those yearly $20. Do not try to figure out how those complicated Blog Trackbacks work: you’ve got better things to do with your time, like planning how to spend $20 every year.
  • Facilitate ad-blocking - If the above tips aren’t enough, and you are in danger of getting much more than $20/year through ads, allow RSS feeds and Facebook’s Notes to deliver your posts to readers without showing them the ads.
What are you waiting for? There's 2 or 3 readers out their eager to find out what you have to say. Get your blogging on!!!!

Next week, how to use social media to 1) enhance your personal brand, 2) I forget step 2, and 3) make millions!