Saturday, March 14, 2020


Dear Mom. Dear Dad. Dear Pearl.

For the longest time, months even, I’ve been wanting to tell you something, but I could never get up the nerve to do it in person because I know if I did you’d just pretend like you were totally sympathetic and understanding while at the same time you would be giving each other that look you do—that “going through a little phase” look you’d give each other when I was a kid and… Well this is not just a little phase I'm going through!

I hope you’re sitting down now because I’m just going to come out with it: Today I’m in the hospital about to undergo the final steps in the physical transition so that my body matches the identity I’ve had all along, not the identity I was assigned at birth.

So, by the next time we meet it will be a done deal. You will have had time to digest this information, will have come to terms with it, and we’ll all be good. Right? In no time at all, you’ll accept the new me (because it’s really the me I’ve been all along). You’ll accept me because you love me. You’ll accept me because I love you. You’ll accept me because I’ll be accepting myself and will finally be at peace as my outward identity finally matches my inward identity.

So here goes (drumroll ha ha): Mom, Dad, Pearl, I am a Gemini!

Get used to it :)

Oh yeah, I have a new name now, too (of course). I’m not Alex anymore. (Alex was a great name for a Libra, but imagine a Gemini named Alex and the looks I’d get—ha ha too too funny!)  Now I am Allex. Get used to that, too :) :)

Sure, you’ll occasionally make little mistakes as you get used to the new name, clothes, mannerisms, dating and career choices, breakfast cereal choices, etc… but as long as you keep trying I promise not to get angry. Old habits die hard. Heck, even I might screw up my signature now and again (or maybe sometimes I’ll be too judgmental, ha ha, Libras, amiright!?)

Ha ha. You haven’t lost a Libra. You’ve gained a Gemini!

Love ya,